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sunday sunday

It's been a long day...and I haven't done much.  Emotionally it's been crazy cause of 'folks who are friends' talking about 'folks who are friends' who apparently aren't real friends.  Lip service.  I have no patience with folks who gossip. Many phone calls; many hours; many words.   Why can't folks just be honest?    Headache from the very waking this a.m.; slept more on couch; neck/shoulders sore.  

I think I have done enough major sewing to get through Pennsic.  One tunic just needs a hem and the basket liner needs a casing.   I had found one blue silk tunic that just needs the sides sewn, hem, and trim so I might also get that done.  If all else fails I just won't trim anything.    Actually there is only one Italian Renn that has any trim on it at this point.     Five favors need to be finished but they will be quick.   I'm not doing the little things as either they will come with me as projects to do or they will wait.

Looking forward to meeting a few folks that I've chatted with online.  We have been invited out for dinner on Sunday after the KW beaders meeting that I some how am 'in charge' of.      I'm using CD's for my paper, it'll give folks a much better quality for the pics.  I have 12 which I'll give out to those who want; but the CD I can always have at my merchant booth.

only 3 days to work this week...then packing and driving to Pennsic.  Have a couple of full days worth of classes that I really want to get to but we'll see.  Checked updates; I"m going to pring out the calendar wednesday nite.

Been asked to talk about Egyptian socks at the Oct knitters group; also give update on anything from Pennsic.