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Oh boy...who really wanted to do this?

1. Manny get over yourself.  Don't know what his true hassle is with the Sox but the fans don't deserve it.

2. Plumbing: the master plumber in my family lives hours away...lots of good that does  LOL   If you ever have to replace some pipe and can't get the water totally off or you still have a dribble:  stuff bread into the pipe.  Do the work, sauter the piece and attach fittings.  The bread will dissolve and wash thru the pipes.  Of course if it's more like a constant pouring like we had: have someone [me] use a torch to heat the pipe a couple feet away from where you are putting the new attachment.  This will ..hopefully...evaporate the water so it won't get to the cut off end.  This worked much better for us.  Still cleaning up bits of bread, saran wrap, newspaper that spewed all over the basement from our other attempts.

3.  The demolition is done in the bath now the building begins.   Who wanted to do this?  LOL  After many trips to the local building supply places we now have a new plywood floor over the original planks.  All the holes and roughness on the walls have been filled in.  Will sand when completely dry.  The walls are made of a cement board so anyplace that screws or nails were used improperly and then removed improperly, leave ragged areas.  We'll sand the ceiling and top walls also today in preperation for painting.  The only thing left in the bathroom is the ceiling fan/light, the pretty lite over the sink, and the bathtub.  We aren't going to dig the tub out...it's in good shape but you can tell they had to 'fit' it into the area. Enough said.

4. I've learned so much about beadboard and flooring that I feel like a genius.  LOL  The flooring is going to be sheet vinyl.  I love the stones and tiles but the cost was more, application was more, and although I"m quite rounded, falling on stone or tile hurts.   On the quest for beadboard today.  One place had the wider variety which I think would look good in a kitchen but was too 'country' look for me.  The already white layered board is great, but any touchups over nailholes or scratches is too hard to match.  So today, off I go to another supply place which does have, in stock, what I want.

5. Jeepers I've been writitng a lot this week .  

6.  I wanted to cut out a couple of dresses...one German in a blue linen and the other possibly Tudor in a green garbadine.  Havne't even been near the cloth.  But today/tonight I am going to work on some of the tunics I do have which never got totally done.  i.e.  didn't finish the trim, lining, all the do dads.   I love my Byzantine but have to spiff it up.  Maybe I'll make another collar also.

7.  Beads.  yeah haven't done anything with my beads this week.  Have a couple of necklaces I want to get done.  Did get the new catalog from Fire Mountain...drool.

8.  Top reason I'm not going to Pennsic: while on vacation on the Vineyard, I brought home a little friend who carries lyme disease.  Got the antibiotics when the bull's eye rash showed up along with headaches and other symptoms.  But a side affect from meds: you can get sun poisoning even months afterwards.  So it's best I don't take any chances.  Second reason: I really wanted the bathroom done...and the next week I have off I really wanted to go to the Cape.

For everyon going to Pennsic or there already.. be safe, hydrate, have one of Rosa's ice for me.


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Aug. 1st, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)
Bummer about the Lyme disease! Hope the home repairs go well.
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