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End of vacation for me

End of Vacation for me... boo hoo.  

1. I have been changed to a different shift:   not by my choice, but since I dont' want to put up with the attitudes of the doctors, I've stepped down from senior tech position.  I have NEVER worked with radiologist who are so belittleling to techs.  They are not supportive of anything we do. The only feedback we get is negative.

2.  Had a great weekend with family. Grand niece's baby shower.... why dont' they marry, have jobs, and then start having kids?   Spent all day with daughter also.

3. Momma Mia!  go see it. I don't LIKE musicals.  really..but I LOVED this.  ABBA ABBA ABBA

4. can you say Peridontal surgery.  yeah, fun. Going to happen in September. 

5. Hey Manny...miss the Socks yet?

Can't wait  for the next vacation which is at the end of September.   Yeah I just get too much time off for the yuckiest job.  Go me.  So att this point I have 22 more days I can take off...and I'm accrueing them as I go. So I'll have to take another week off by the end of the year.  My holidays will be covered anyways.

To all those at Pennsic.... silante