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Wednesday already?

ok..quick recap of what i'm doing, done, did, wanna do.

On vacation this week...yeah me.  I'm going to take another week off before the end of the year also just don't know when.  If I don't use the time, I'll lose it.

Sunday: Memorial Service for Dan.  So many folks there..about half were SCA. So many I did't get a chance to talk with and thank them for coming.  The slide show of pics was great....you needed tissues.   I cried a lot during the ceremony....very powerful.  The minister was great. Daryl was amazing and so was Mark...I can't speak at anything like this.   Some folks put together that Melyssa aka Skye were the same person and that yes she is my daughter and yes was Dan's gf.   Daryl's first words to me: 'We were almost related."   Krakken's brother Keith said, " We love M/Skye..she's like one of the family."  

Sunday nite: drove to M's; took care of Buddy my grand dog; had late dinner, bought a few groceries.  M has been traveling for work so much besides the two weeks she was in Virginia with Dan's family.

Monday 9/22: Worked in M's garden for a couple hours; Buddy decided to dig a huge hole in the grass.  Why can't he dig where I need a hole dug?  Did more grocery shopping.  Did M's overflowing laundry hoping I didn't shrink anything.  Folded/hung some; unmentionables left for M to put away. Deviled eggs made;  chicken pot pie for dinner. Made two apple pies.

Tuesday 9/23: More garden work, finally got the lily of the valley in although yes they look bad this time of year, the roots were fine and active.  Took Buddy for a car ride as the walk I attempted I cut short, he is just too strong.  Picked up some local corn...scrumptious for dinner.  Unloaded dishwasher, made baked mac/cheese for dinner; fruit salad; and had the deviled eggs left from Monday. 

Had nice long talk with M during/after dinner.  We will never know what might have been with Dan and M....and can only go forward now.  I think Dan will be watching over her and possibly bring someone into her life that can bring her much happiness.

M says she is going to Coronation on Sat 9/27: Darius is going to dedicate his realm to Dan's memory.  She is torn, as she is studying for next cpa exam Oct  3rd and has lost a great deal of time to study.  But Mark has his way of making her feel she needs to go...possibly she said she can bring her laptop there and study..who knows.

Drove home...only one wierdo that really gave me a hard time on I-90.

Today: did get some emailing done late last nite.  I had NO computer access at M's as I didn't bring laptop down..should have.  I wouldn't use her's once she was home...she was stressed enough.

Read about Duke Morghun.  I served in the kitchen when Bergental did his coronation.The first one I think it was? or maybe the second?  I remember the first time I met him: I was at another group's event.  There was a sandy haired man sitting between the days' events and before the nites happenings.   He was stitching...actually embroidering, I can't remember now.   I talked with him a bit about his stitching; loved the colors.  I only knew him as Morguhn...and later found out who he was.   A most remarkable man.

After 12noon, window fellow from HD coming to get measurements.  Going to replace porch windows finally.. Although yes it would be nice not to spend the money, it's needed.  Lots of the wood is bad, windows are really really bad shape.

Later today...wheeeee      it'll be fun taking My feline friend to the Vet's.


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Sep. 24th, 2008 01:45 pm (UTC)
I hope that in time Melissa and you find solace. It does sound like the ceremony helped.

(What happened to Baron Morguhn? I don't follow SCA news.)
Sep. 27th, 2008 02:15 pm (UTC)
He fell of his roof the other day and died this week. He was King of East and Aethelmark a few times. There are several SCA pages, if you are interested, that tells more..just google Morguhn Sheridan.
Jan. 27th, 2011 10:01 am (UTC)
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