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things to remember

So I bought some more fabric today...shoot me.  One piece of wool is for a hooded cloak which will be lined with linen.  Another piece is for a hood also lined with linen.  Then the green brocade will be for an Elizabethan for Amber.....and not started until fall.

Things to buy:
makings for fudge; I should bring down at least 5 portions
makings for gorp: apricots, almonds, cashews, pm&m's, craisins, mango, mixed berries
piece of carpet for inside tent..although I might have one grey piece that I can use, but I'll need some rubber backing so it doesn't slide.

Bought some solar power tiki torches...they are cool.  With daylight, they'll recharge and stay bright all night long.  Actually with just the batteries they worked for about 3-4 nights.  Will use them in front of the tents along with the battery lights along the rope lines so I don't kill myself at night.

Have to figure out veil...what length I want/need.  Think one large for over the straw hat that I can pin to my bodice, the coronet will keep it down; a smaller one for just when I need a head covering.    With all the research I've done with fashions, I totally have to redo how I wear my shorter hair.


Peeked into the Potter book...Harry didn't die; but he was killed. Part that wasn't him went to the fellow who put it inside him.  So he's dead, but not dead long as the other one lives.  go figure

here there and everywhere

OK...so I thought I was getting senile.  Or maybe you don't know when you are senile it just creeps up on you?   I found myself trying to cut out a pattern; first having a hard time just getting the pattern set; then thinking it looked wrong.  Then realizing that I was just not comprehending.  Thing is, it's a simple pattern, the problem being it's something I haven't made in years and since it's not medieval clothing, my brain had stored the info away in some filing cabinet of grey matter that I had to delve for.  Geesh..nothing like feeling old.       I have also realized that I've forgotten....stored away....info on tailoring that I use to do blindly.    Good thing I can still use books and a computer to get info!!

I was very mad this week that I couldn't seem to pleat the old blue skirt to the new bodice but finally managed to make it work but now have to rehem since the new bodice is longer then the old.

Totally finished two Italian Renns.  Byzantine stuff...I don't know how much more I'll do for Pennsic.   I want to make two linen gowns to take with me..so I'm going to concentrate on those first.

Added to the calendar the classes I want to take at Pennsic.  Boy, a couple days are packed!!

Realized that I could put my trim class notes, pictures, maps etc all on CDs in place of doing paper handouts.  They will hold more and cost less.  I'll still take down the remaining paper ones I have.  we'll work on the CD's this weekend.

1. finish the bits and pieces of handsewing
2. finish the Byza that I've started
3. finish or redo the necklaces that I made the other month with new closures
4. make paternosters...need three of them
5. make the lite blue and the pink linen Ital renn.
6. make the Byza linen

that should be enough for the weekend you think?

So I know why I have pain at 5th metatarsals [that is fifth toe are where it joins foot]

>A bunionette is similar to a bunion, but it develops on the outside of the foot. It is sometimes referred to as a tailor's bunion because tailors once sat cross-legged all day with the outside edge of their feet rubbing on the ground. This produced a pressure area and callus at the bottom of the fifth toe.<

In my case, it's partly genetic since I wear tennies for work and hate narrow dress shoes.  Weight and being on my feet a lot certainly aggravates it.  The pain was one reason I thought I wouldn't get to Pennsic...but I'm trying a couple of things that should help alleviate the pain although it won't solve the condition.

So I've been asked why on earth am I sewing for Pennsic.  AFterall I've been in the SCA 20 +years, I'm not bucking for..cough..cough [yes someone actually said this to me] a Laurel  [YIKES do you believe some folks?   as if anyways it would be there business why I'm doing anything.   Well....To rest all rumors..I"m sewing cause My ass and breasts are too big for most of my garb.  Yes..there it is.  I"ve confessed.

Not only do I rarely pre wash fabric or trim, I also have gotten FATTER then I was a few years ago.  Gee.. what a relief to get that off my chest.  yeah so what.  Some folks out there need to get a life.  I'm tired of some of the old tunics I've had all this time, even if they do fit.  Some I use for the walk to the john in the middle of the nite; the tunic for the rainy day it's muddy out; the tunic for the I don't care I'm hot, sweaty and going to put ice all over my moments.

Besides...I think I look more gorgeous in Italian Renn.  I know it's hard to believe with my natural shining beauty that I could get any better.     I also have learned more; want to dress better; do more Byzantine....and use linen  LOL     It's strange that with sewing since I was 15...which would make..hmmm 40 yrs or so worth of experience...I have rarely used linen.  Go figure.

off I go to get something to eat then to sew.

Last nite, worked on gold Byza...oh why oh why did I do it like I did.  But It's about done, I'm lining it with a blue linen...casue  HERE IT COMES FOLKS...DON'T READ BELOW THIS LINE IF YOU GET SCARED EASILY,  ARE A LAUREL OF SOME TYPE WHO THINKS ALL SEAM ALLOWANCES HAVE TO BE FINISHED BEFORE YOU WEAR ANYTHING,   OR SOMEONE VERY FAINT OF HEART......

I got the idea to line the gold damask Byza cause it was so lite weight; then I said why line it with a good fabric and not be able to see it.  Then I said why not line it so it's REVERSIBLE.  Yes that Is what I typed.  The gold byza will be reversible to the blue linen.  AND I'm going to put trim on both fabrics.   We'll see how it comes out!!!

 I won't tell you about the Italian Renn idea I have..I'm saving that one!!

oh and now you know my other secret: I DON'T finish my seam allowances unless I surge them all.  yup, all these years my clothes have lasted without having this done. Gee...who knew.  Course If I tailor something or make gowns..that is another story.  But I'm not gonna spend time whipping edges or hand stitching down stuff that no one is gonna see except me.  That is my 2 cents about it......

Part two...
after butchering the last remaining piece of matching fabric for the blue Italian....I've stopped for the night.  My brain just wasn't working obviously.  I have a small piece left which I might be able to cut the front out once again.  I'll have to piece the back from what I have left, it's the only way.  I really want the Blue redone...as well as the red one before Pennsic.

Made a new bodice pattern since nothing is fitting.  Only two trials of drafting and I think it'll work.  Hard to do this when you don't have someone else to check it out and make chalk lines.  ah well...   

My bust is too big.  what a revelation yet again!!!   If I had a flatter bust I could fit the bodice better.

So didn't get too much done; but did sew two half-chemises.  Going to watch tv, do a hem or two and that's it.

yikes yikes

After a good start on Saturday.....A's parents helped him bring over some stuff.  They stayed around...and stayed.  It was after 7:30 already.  We finally started cooking something; if anyone had said to me, oh we ate already and we just want to visit...it would have been SOOO much easier.  ah well    So nothing got done Sat. nite.

so how many byzantines does it take to make a tunic?

apparently more then one.   So I'm using a two pieces from old garb.  They are two different lengths, none of which is the proper length I need for the overtunic.  Mind works.  thinks..  Piecing?  yeah that would work.  and Yeah THEY would have done it.   So start figuring out how/where to piece.  Start cutting...oops make sure it's the right edge.   Sew short rectangular piece to long piece.  Rip out when you realized you've done wrong sides together.   Start sewing again... stop..  make sure the pattern is going in the same direction.  Yeah they didn't always do that..but some folks are anal in the SCA you know what I mean?  I'm not really; but why give anyone more of a chance ???   besides I much rather have them kiss my feet when they are checking out my hem!!     So...the gold Byza is taking shape.

1. somewhat decided on trim for green Italian

2.  I never pre-wash fabric and trim.  Well sometimes fabric  LOL   So I got the urge to wash 5 lengths of fabric, mostly linen.  It's a pain I've decided...I mean why pre-wash when it's gonna be in cold water wash anyways?  Dryer heat is the thing...and I use hot heat.  Even with trim on them.  I say heck if it's gonna get wrecked then it does.  

Course I wouldn't do that to wool or velvet...but hey you never know.

3.  I'm hungry.  it's 8:30 pm and I ate...about 2:30.  hmmm no wonder my brain was feeling wierd.  

Off to eat.


I don't have any trim.

OK those who don't understand might laugh knowing a/ that I'm a trim merchant and b/ that I have over 2000 yds of trim in the house at this moment.   But I can't find the trim that really is meant to go on the garb I'm making right now.  UGH!!!   ok so I'm putting it aside.  It'll either find it's way to the garb or it won't.

I also don't have any fabric.

Never mind the 1000 dollars I've spent the last month...remember 40% off sales.  But I needed some gold fabric for an Byza overtunic; the right shade of gold.  Yellow, green/gold, gold/brown...nawwh they won't do.  Back home...yeah after buying a couple more pieces of fabric that weren't gold....   I decided to use the skirt part of an old Ital Ren I made for daughter many years ago.  I like the pattern, it's damask, will have to do a burn test..but at this point it's the right color so I'm gonna use it.  Probably will line it cause once I have the trim, I'll be pearling/beading.   Which leads me to ponder...

I don't have any pearls or beads to use.

ohhhhhhhhh I'm insane...I can hear the wagons coming now.

back to sewing

tonight's thoughts

1. worked on the Byza undertunic; all the trim is on; just that stupid neckling...grrr think I'll have to reconfigure tomorrow.  Pearls will be added in future.

2. uploaded a couple pics of the linen damask along with two types of trim I'm thinking of using.  This is an overtunic/sagion which would be at least 1 foot shorter then undertunic.  Why? cause I want to actually show off the undertunic's fabric trim that I used.

3. worked on Italian Ren and chemise but eyes are tired.

off to bed soon enough

more July 4th

It's 7pm.. I hear firecrackers now and then.  Supposedly the police are patrolling areas around the whole area to keep fireworks from being used...folks don't realize the true meaning of pain and disfigurement until they get hurt.

It's raining..not sure if the fireworks will be going off tonight.  I can be at one place and see both the Plaza and the Troy fireworks, if/when they do fire them.  Hoping it will be dryer.  Plaza activities started this afternoon but that is also when the showers started.

Finished adding trim to my Byzantine inner layer...ah but just remembered I do have to trim the neckline.  One Italian is done except for the hem.

Finish the second Italian Ren
Finish the Byzantine tunic
Make 4 more chemise
Make over tunic for Byzantine
Make Italian overgown
Bead my blue Byzantine over tunic which I've never finished.
Finish the Byzantine collar

I have found trim all around the place that I haven't used in years. Doing Byzantine I can be as bright and wild as I want to be.   I can bead it all at some later date.   

 Think the next time I sell at Canterbury in Sept I"m going to have a basket of this and that trim to sell cheap.

Happy 4th!!!

I truly support our troops all year long.  I support them when they aren't being involved in a squirmish or war.  I support them when they come home to their families.  About every generation of my ancestors fought in some war beginning with the 1600's, through the Revolution which had families on both sides of the conflict, up thru the 1800's, The World Wars, and then my husband in Vietnam.  Nephews of mine have now been involved with the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iran.  I want them out of there.  I want all of our troops back home.  Let the locals clean up their government since it sure seems that a lot of them don't like us anyways.  

1. got some sewing done already but of course more to do.

2. found a box of stuff in the dining room I thought was A's but it was fabric, sewing stuff etc.  Down to the sewing room it goes.  I can use a couple pieces of the fabric right now.

3.  Decided to toss more fabric into the tag sale pile.  It's not anything I'd use for regular clothes or SCA. Maybe will make up a couple not-real-authentic gowns out of the knit stuff and see if they sell at the tag sale.

4.  Working on trim paper; doing pics with descriptions.  I'll cut out the trim samples much later.  

5.  Need to make a schedule that I will stick to in order to get things finished before August 1st.

6. With that in mind, I will need to make a supply list for packing; plus list in order to make things beforehand.

7. The vendors situation at NRW most interesting.  Others must beware of doing trade as items might be stolen merchandise.   I rarely will trade nowadays as I never got the best end of the trade before.

8.  Would be nice if TRM had spoken with those involved in Ruantalan baronial contest before court.  I think it would have made a huge difference if others knew how their decision was made.  They made the choice but they also have to live with the backlash.

Getting more liquids; going back to sew.

New Happenings

Just read more of ellid's journal...YIKES.  I feel for the folks in Ruantallan.  How could this happen?  What were TRM thinking?  It would be very nice if they gave a clear reason for this.  I'm sure there will be a lot of talk on various groups.   

If for some reason the whole baronial election was being investigated or the barony itself, I would think all parties involved would make sure to talk with TRM before court or at least have a herald/advisor if they aren't able.  It's a quandry that I'm sure will reciprocate all over the place.  I can only hope that gossip will cease; that those who can tell the truth will or at least state why it's not under discussion.   Idle gossip about the whole situation won't help anything at this point.

After the Weekend

Went to Glenn Linn for Northern War Camp on Saturday. Weather blustery but rain held off until we were just about packed and ready to go.  Saw some old friends, met some new ones and knitted quite a bit.

1. Told Princess that I would take crown as collateral when she didn't have checkbook. Told her to tell those who want to suck up to her to come buy her trim.  Retinue I'm sure thought I was crazy.  She laughed.

2. Women who was with a Knight/Master I won't name....made a point of repeatedly stating how she kept sending folks my way cause I have good prices.  Was going to give her a discount until she insulted me.  She stated that Amber's dress was Renn Faire look.   RENN FAIRE!!  RENN freakin' Faire?????  It took what I do have for control not to strangle the woman or berate her for her stupidity.  She apparently THOUGHT she knew about garb.  YIKES.  She apparently doesn't know the days I've spent researching. DUH  another idiot bites the dust.

3. creepy fellow hung around us then asked Amber [who is male but likes to wear dresses] if she dressed all the time are just at events.  Amber was very cautioius of this person.  The same fellow asked us if we were going to GNEW which we aren't.  Never saw him before..hope not to again.  It's not that I mind talking with others who are interested in CD/TS etc but he was just creepy.

5.  Gave mizpagan the trim to give to ellid.  Read that ellid has been sick...am sorry to hear that she is a very special lady.

6.  Realized the other day I still had Queen favors to work on. YIKES...gotta get them done.

7.  off to finish some more REnn Faire gowns.  gee is that why I haven't gotten far in the SCA?  LOL